S3 Balance® in the Community


The "Rockin Creekers" at Holiday Rock Creek Retirement Community


Keeping residents safe is essential. Regular exercise via balance class is encouraged, but many residents must sit to be safe because using a chair or walker for stability increases liability. As a result, balance deteriorates.

S3 Balance® facilitates a safe balance class using exercises proven to reduce fall risk. One instructor can safely teach a class as each person stands within their device. Grip variation and S3 Balance® verbal cues challenge people of varying abilities to improve balance. Our results from multiple trials showing a dramatic reduction in fall risk after only 30 days of participating in an S3 Balance® class.

Implementing S3 Balance® shows commitment to resident safety and quality of life. Residents, family members and their physicians will appreciate your effort!

"I have really been helped with my balance! I feel much more confident in walking. I still use my walker, but moving around my apartment without using it."

Barbara K., Resident (Holiday Retirement)