S3 Balance® Education Plans


We offer two educational opportunities: certification and webinars. Upon purchase, your company may opt for certification, webinars, or both.

Instructor Certification only: $599/person (includes CEUs).

Webinars only: $250/person/year (includes CEUs).

Instructor Certification and webinars: $650/person for the first year, $250/person thereafter.


S3 Balance® Instructor Certification


The S3 Balance® Instructor Certification is composed of 3 1-hour Modules: a). introduction to basics, b). scientific foundation and c). Movement analysis. Certification is awarded after passing the S3 Balance® certification examination, completed online or in person.

Instructor Certification classes are conducted onsite at your facility and require a minimum of 5 participants.


Module 1:


This Module focuses on the many functions of S3 Balance® and how to use it safely and efficiently. For example, recommendations are given for group therapy, transfers and working with those who have cognitive deficits. Further, an in-depth review of balance systems is provided, along with their application to S3 Balance® Movements.

Module 2:


This Module demonstrates the application of biomechanics to S3 Balance® Movements, such as work, torque and the overload principle. The importance of using Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) is also presented, which is essential to ensure safe therapeutic benefit, especially in group therapy.

Module 3:


This Module builds on Modules 1 and 2 and provides instructor tips on properly progressing participants, setting up group therapy and properly using verbal cues in accommodating and motivating participants. The final part of this Module demonstrates proper set up and execution for all S3 Balance® Movements.


S3 Balance® Webinars


S3 Balance® sponsors 1-hour webinars on a wide variety of balance-related topics, such as exercise, balance system training, cognitive factors, fall-reduction techniques, outcome measures and techniques to improve quality of life. Continuing education credits are awarded upon successful completion of each post-webinar examination. Webinar instructors are considered experts in their respective fields and hold professional credentials (e.g., MD, PhD, PT, OT).

Webinar times, topics and registration links are emailed to your facility administrator one month before they are scheduled to run.