Current Residents

"Grab a friend and come to our exciting new balance class (state day and time). These 15-minute classes are designed by physical therapists and doctors to help you walk better and safer."

Prospective Residents

"We have a fun new balance class that keeps our residents active and reduces fall risk. S3 applies balance research from the last 30 years and keeps residents safe, allowing them to progress at their own pace."

Medical Professionals

"S3 applies biomechanics and balance research from the last 30 years to empower independence and reduce fall risk while accommodating frail residents. S3 trains the musculoskeletal, somatosensory and vestibular systems in an interactive group, providing a safe environment for people to explore their potential. Pilot data shows promise, as older adults reduced fall risk by up to 1,750% in only 60 days."

Patient Care Staff

"Using the S3 device will make your job easier and resident care more effective. Rather than leaning on you, residents lean on S3. Multiple-person transfers and seated exercise should become rare, as residents rely on the S3 handlebars to maintain balance. S3 reduces anxiety, which tends to motivate residents to explore their potential to a greater extent in the standing position."