"The Wobblers at Windsong"


Transfers made easy

Normally 2-person assist, now 0 with S3 Balance®

S3 Balance® classes are ideal for those with dementia. In only 10-15 minutes, daily classes keep residents safe while performing exercises proven to reduce fall risk. Each resident dictates difficulty via their grip: full grip = easier, open grip = harder and floating grip = hardest.

S3 Balance® also helps transfer residents from supine to sit and sit to stand. Residents pull or push themselves up without caregiver strain.

In fact, seeing tears of joy from Alzheimer resident family members is common when seeing a loved one stand independently using S3 Balance®. Join the S3 family today and see for yourself!

"The S3 Balance® program has been so beneficial to our residents. Not only have I seen improvements with the exercises in class, but also in their day-to-day activities. This class has become something that our residents look forward to every morning. They enjoy that the class has simple instruction and the device makes them feel safe while doing the exercises. While instructing, the joy and confidence from our residents is apparent on their smiling faces!"

Tiana Cabrera, Life Enrichment Assistant (Windsong Memory Care)