Assisted Living/Memory Care

Take a Stand Against Falls.

What is the best way to reduce fall risk?

If you use chair-based activity, consider S3.  Excessive sitting is linked to hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, cancer, cardiovascular disease, impaired balance and early mortality (Am Inst Cancer Res 2011; Med Sci Sp Exerc 2009; WHO 2009). 

Reducing older adults’ risk of these diseases and falls requires standing exercise which can be done using S3 for a wide range of abilities (JAMA Int Med 2018; Clin Rehab 2011).

S3 is also a powerful caregiver tool, as it’s a portable transfer device residents use to transfer independently. 

Work with us to adopt a culture of wellness in your community!


What is the best way to reduce fall risk?

Trial results show a dramatic reduction in fall risk after only 30 to 60 days.

Return On Investment (ROI) shows a significant financial gain when residents participate in a wellness program such as S3.

SBalance® in the Community


“The Wobblers at Windsong”

Transfers made easy in Memory Care

Normally 2-person assist, now 0 with S3 Balance®