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Take a Stand

What is the best way to reduce fall risk?

If you use chair-based exercise, please consider S3 instead.  Excessive sitting has been linked to hypertension, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, obesity, cancer, cardiovascular disease, impaired balance and early mortality (Am Inst Cancer Res 2011; Med Sci Sp Exerc 2009; WHO 2009).  Regardless, chair exercise is the activity of choice to keep residents “safe” but fails miserably in fall prevention while creating a false sense of security. 

Research clearly shows that reducing seniors’ risk of disease and falls requires standing exercise (JAMA Int Med 2018; Clin Rehab 2011).

S3 facilitates a safe standing environment to facilitate safe, independent exercise.  Even those with the most severe balance/cognitive deficits can improve balance and independence.

S3 is also a powerful tool for caregivers.  S3 is a portable transfer device that enables residents to transfer using their own power.  Eventually, S3 users rely less on S3 due to greater strength and coordination.

Work with us to reverse the sitting culture that is devastating assisted living/memory care.


What is the best way to reduce fall risk?

Trial results show a dramatic reduction in resident fall risk after 30 to 60 days.

Return On Investment (ROI) shows a significant long-term financial gain when residents participate in a wellness program such as S3.

Offering S3 demonstrates a commitment to residents’ safety and quality of life.

SBalance® in the Community


“The Wobblers at Windsong”

Transfers made easy in Memory Care

Normally 2-person assist, now 0 with S3 Balance®