Independent Living

Keep your independent residents independent.

Independence later in life is earned, not guaranteed.

Losing a resident to a preventable cause is unacceptable.  In independent living facilities, the most preventable cause is a fall.  Each day, a little at a time, the balance of older adults gets worse unless standing balance/strengthening exercises are a daily routine.  Contrary to popular belief, walking and seated exercise are not enough to prevent falls (J Geriatrics 2006, 2015).

Standing balance training is needed to prevent falls, disease, disability and promote quality of life because all four balance systems (muscles, inner ear, joint receptors/brain and vision) must function adequately.  The problem for residents is that a certain amount of standing instability is needed to improve balance, so a solid structure is necessary to prevent falling.

Chairs are designed for sitting – not exercise.  Using a chair for standing exercise is dangerous because it tips easily.  S3 is a solid structure, enabling even a frail user to enjoy a safe and effective exercise session.

S3 applies research and biomechanics to train muscles, inner ear and brain/joint receptors in only 10 to 15 minutes a day.  This is far less time than the conventional balance programs advocated by the CDC (see CDC Balance Compendium, 2015).

Also important is that S3 comes with ongoing professional support to ensure staff is completely comfortable administering the program. 

Fewer Falls = Happy Residents and Families

Residents tend to sit much of the time, which is linked to early death, falls, cancer and heart disease (WHO 2009; American Institute for Cancer Res 2011; Am J Clin Nutr 2013).  S3 empowers residents to take responsibility for their health and increase independence by reducing the risk of falls.  S3 promotes safe balance training because residents self-correct by touching the handlebars as needed to maintain balance.  Activity directors are then free to move around the class and give individual instructions for body/hand positioning.  The 270-degree handlebar provides multi-directional stability and gives residents the ability to independently explore their balance limits.

S3 is also powerful marketing. Pictures and videos of residents in an S3 class can be the deciding factor for families and health care providers looking for the most health conscious facility.

“I have really been helped with my balance! I feel much more confident in walking. I still use my walker, but move around my apartment without using it.”

–Barbara K., Resident (Holiday Retirement)

The “Rockin Creekers” at Holiday Rock Creek Retirement Community

Standing made easy and safe.