Independent Living

Maintain independence.

Independence later in life is earned, not guaranteed.

Standing exercise is essential to prevent falls. 

Using a chair for standing exercise is risky because it can tip easily and seated exercise does not improve balance (J Geriatrics 2006, 2015).  

S3 gives older adults confidence to independently challenge balance using high-level exercises/stretches in only 10 to 15-minutes per day.

There’s simply nothing like S3.


More Independence.  Fewer Falls.

Residents tend to sit too much, which is linked to early death, falls, cancer and heart disease (WHO 2009; American Institute for Cancer Res 2011; Am J Clin Nutr 2013)S3 empowers residents to self-lead or use video classes, which reduces staff strain.  

S3 is also powerful marketing.  Pictures of residents using S3 can be influential for those looking for a health-conscious community.

“I have really been helped with my balance! I feel much more confident in walking. I still use my walker, but move around my apartment without using it.”

–Barbara K., Resident (Holiday Retirement)

The “Rockin Creekers” at Holiday Rock Creek Retirement Community

Standing made easy and safe.

“Cliffhanger” at Gresham Manor