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During the COVID-19 lockdown, group exercise may be prohibited so we recommend placing S3 in resident rooms to reduce caregiver strain and boost resident wellness.  To your right, Colin shows how to navigate a tight space with S3.   

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Welcome 0:00
5 Basic Functions 0:22
Features 1:00
Non Skid Adaptable Feet 1:03
Portability 1:10
Moving Through Narrow Doorways 1:38
Base – Shaped for Compact Storage 2:13
Stretching Pegs 2:25
Handlebars – Shaped to Adapt to User 2:30
Resistance Band Loops 3:06
How S3 Works 3:27
Balance Training with the “Wobble” 3:44
Safe Hand Positions 4:23
Strength Training 5:38
Transfer Aid 6:05
Flexibility Training 6:33
Fall Recovery Aid 7:00
Safety with RPE 7:20
Who Should Use S3? 9:41
S3 Classroom Setup 11:43
Scheduling 12:05
Instructional Format 12:58
Getting People Interested 13:40
First Day “Launch” 13:59
Measuring Fall Risk Reduction 14:40
Recap 15:05

Please watch Tutorial before using S3.

Sample Classes

Click the link at the bottom of each video for a printable one-sheet guide.

Starter 5

“Starter 5” is a basic class which introduces people to the S3 balance class format. Download our “Starter 5 One-Sheet” for a quick guide.

Slow 4

“Slow 4” is a great class for those who are unable to stand for greater than 10 min. Check out “Slow 4 One-Sheet” for a printable quick guide.

S3 Balance® Instructor’s Manual

S3 Balance® Cue Cards