Strength Kit


Kit Includes:

All have been customized specifically for S3 by Stroops for strengthening the upper and lower body. The most cost-effective way to accessorize S3!

Strength Kit details

All the items below are included with the STROOPS strength kit.

S3 Safety Training Straps (2)

For those who have trouble maintaining a safe grip, the safety training straps are the solution.

Installation instructions

Resistance Bands (4)

2 Short bands, 2 Long Bands IncludedCustom designed by Stroops… long and short bands connect to S3’s 5 hooks for unlimited strengthening options.


Strength Training Handles (2)

Custom designed by Stroop… the handle has a soft, durable grip.

Strength Training Loops (2)

Custom designed by Stroops… the loop easily fits around any foot/ankle for lower body strengthening.

Stretching Peg Grip Pads (pair)

Custom designed by Stroops… provides comfort and stability for those who are shoeless using S3.


Cinch Bag

Store your STROOPS accessories in this colorful and attractive bag for convenient storage and easy transportation