Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)/Rehab

  • Reduce staff strain
  • Virtually eliminate multi-person transfers
  • Work the patient, not provider
  • Group therapy made easy
  • Boost revenue

Rehab Director:

“The S³ is a device for transfer training and dynamic standing balance training that is portable and easy to use. The therapists feel more confident stepping away from patients in the standing position due to the stability and wrap-around shape of the device which allows for greater treatment options. The patients also gain a sense of confidence with the device and report a reduction in their fear of falling.”

Janet M., PT
Rehab Director, Marquis Care Mill Park

Physical Therapist:

“I’ve found the S3 Balance useful, and have used it in the following ways: I have used it for sit to stand transfer training in the room, which is particularly useful when the room is a preferable treatment location, such as when the patient needs low stimulation or may need quick access to bed or bathroom. The variety of hand techniques that can be used, such as pulling from the horizontal bar, has allowed for quicker progress with transfer and standing tasks. I’ve used it for balance training in either the gym or the patient’s room. The device provides an easy way to give patients the support they need in order to progress balance challenges.”

Tyler B., PT
Therapy Staff, Marquis Care Mill Park