Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)

Skilled nursing can be brutal.

  1. Patients tend to be unfit, making transfers difficult.
  2. Insurance payers/families are demanding better outcomes in less time.
  3. Staff turnover, absenteeism and worker’s compensation claims abound.
  4. Falls occur daily.

Using S3 makes it easier.

  • Transfer patients using their own power.
  • Get better outcomes in less time.
  • Reduce staff strain (thus turnover, absenteeism, WC claims).
  • Reduce falls.

S3 makes transfers/standing exercise easy and boosts patient fitness.

Happy Staff & Patients = Better Outcomes

Invented by Doctor of Physical Therapy and Biomechanist Colin Hoobler, S3 empowers patients to use their own strength to transfer.  Instead of wearing down staff and becoming less fit, patients improve fitness.

S3 facilitates better outcomes because patients get up more often.  Excessive sitting has been linked to falls, hypertension, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, obesity, cancer, cardiovascular disease and early mortality (JAMA 2008, 2010).  Research shows that high intensity standing balance exercise reverses these effects, especially in frail older adults (JAMA Int Med 2018; Clin Rehab 2011).  If a patient can stand but needs help to do so, S3 should be used for transfers and standing exercise.

Most worker injury and compensation claims are due to mechanical lifting (J Occ Health Stat 2014).  With S3’s 600-pound working capacity, staff no longer waits for peers to help lift patients or hurt themselves going it alone.  S3 engages patients to participate, which increases independence and therapeutic benefit while reducing staff strain.

S3 also facilitates safe balance training, where patients self-correct by touching the handlebars to maintain balance.  As a result, therapists are free to provide more effective care instead of laboring to prevent falling.  Given the 270-degree handlebar, patients feel confident to engage in multi-task activities (e.g., balloon toss, reaching).  Dressing (e.g., donning pants) becomes easier and more efficient, as patients can hold the handlebars while the therapist assists.

Take a picture or video of a patient using S3 for family members and physicians – they will be amazed!