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“Prior to having you come in and my boss recommending we try the S3 device I was hesitant because I didn’t want it to be a device that we were only able to use on a specific type of client or that we would get it, use it a few times, and then put it off to the side. However, I think it speaks volumes about your product that during the 30-day trial we used it daily and my therapists were insistent that they didn’t want to give it up.

I would say that I was impressed with the exercises and handouts you provided with the S3 balance tool. Observing my therapists, I think the most excitement and a really effective use of the device came with helping patients stand at the edge of the bed. Many times progression has been limited with bariatric residents and getting them to stand from their bed. This tool was easy to move so we could take it into a patient’s room to help with the progression of sit to stand transfers.

When working with patients in the therapy gym, the therapists and patients were willing to try harder more complex balance tasks with patients because both the patient and the therapist felt safe with the support of the S3 Balance device around.

I like to think of the machine as more ergonomic portable parallel bars. If treating a patient, I would use the S3 device over parallel bars for almost every activity. It really has so many uses and honestly when it comes to many long-term care settings, therapy departments have limited room and limited budgets, it is well worth the cost because of how versatile it is.”


Director of Rehabilitation

“S3 Balance is a portable facilitative, gradable safety environment that allows for a greater range of gradable functionality improvement. I use it and a chair to simulate the bathroom environment, as it allows me to provide all the safety I want while allowing the patient to practice the coordinated movements needed to transfer to and from the toilet. I also use S3 Balance to improve balance aspects for improving lower body dressing functions and bathroom hygiene. Finally, I am also working on vestibular system improvement approaches using S3 Balance.”


“S3 Balance is helpful to use with patients when working on standing or sitting balance because it is very sturdy, making patients feel more secure. However, I believe patients should lean on the device to push themselves up as opposed to pull themselves up.”


“Able to complete higher-level activities with patients who have fear of falling while assisting others with transfer difficulties, i.e., less assistance from therapist. Patients told me they enjoyed using S3 Balance, feeling they could to more things than they thought they could. Patients who are a 2-person transfer can use this device with 1 therapist.”


“Best application for this facility is the unit’s portability for use in rooms and use for bariatric patients/wheelchairs!”


“S3 Balance increased patients’ confidence during balance activities”

Staff Therapist

“I love that I can take it to patient rooms!!”

Staff Therapist

“Great for providing extra support for bariatric patients. Easy transport to rooms.”



“S3 Balance helps me to stand up easier and smoother, which can be very difficult being a bariatric patient.”

Kerry H

Bariatric Patient

“I have really been helped with my balance! I feel much more confident in walking. I still use my walker but moving around my apt without using it.”

Barbara K

Group Class Participant

“I like being challenged”

Audrey O

Group Class Participant

“I am 98 right now, very close 99. I’ve liked the class all around”

Zel M

Group Class Participant